Bill from VT

My brother and family are so grateful to Hospice and VNH. Truly angels here on earth. So understanding, compassionate and caring. They were truly there for my brother and were such a comfort in his final days.


Michelle, your empathy and humanity are powerful gifts which you shared so lovingly. Thank you. Charly’s wishes were met because of your care and understanding. We will always be appreciative


Many thanks for all you did to make it possible for Barry to spend his last days in comfort and at peace in his beloved home in Vermont.


It was a great comfort for me to be able to have a caring organization to help at such a difficult time in my life. My only wish is for others going through this, know of what is available to them so they can experience what I did. Having him in his surroundings and with his family was the most rewarding time for both of us. He is at peace knowing his family was there to love and say goodbye was the ultimate gift of life. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Michelle our nurse. She was more than a nurse, we thought of her as another family member who cared as much as we did.

Dorothea from NH

VNH was most helpful to us as my precious husband neared the end of his life. VNH’s services allowed for him to be home with me and together until his end of life. Thank you with all my heart.

Scott from VT

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided for my wife, and the assistance you provided me in care for her.

VNH was instrumental in providing guidance and care as my father passed away from cancer. The nurses made Dad as comfortable as possible. They eased our worry by educating us about what was about to happen. Your nurses are angels.

On behalf of our family, I would like to extend my profound thanks for the compassionate care you extended to my wife and our family for the time that she was cared for at home. Your assistance and care made a difficult time less stressful for our family and allowed us to utilize our time to focus our time and love on her. Thank you very much for providing such loving care.

I am writing to extend a thank you for the genuine care and concern you extended to my mother. It was very much appreciated more than words can say! Mother always looked forward to your visits. She adored you! Not only because you made her laugh, but you truly cared for her and you took the time to listen. To mother, that mean as much as any medicine…ever could!

I don’t know what we would have done without the support, advice and kindness of VNH Hospice. The caregivers brought so much comfort during my father’s last days. Thank you.

Greetings to all you dear angels. You do so much good for everyone you serve.  I know because I was on the receiving end years ago when you ministered to my bride of 66 years.  You were heaven sent then as you are today.

We could not have asked for more caring and compassion than that which our entire family received from you during an extremely difficult time.

Claire from VT

I am writing to thank you for all that you all do. My mom was a client of yours the last year or so. Without your knowledge and help many things wouldn’t have been possible. My mom had a hard, long fight. Some of that fight at home because of your services. Without VNH services she wouldn’t have been able to come home and be comfortable and fight as long as she wanted and could. People came in all week to check on her, bathe her and make sure she was getting what she needed helped her spirit, helped me be able to help her too! I thank you for all that patience, knowledge, teaching, and the ease of your service. It makes a lot to me to have been able to get my mom home to have what she wanted. The thanks will never be enough, you’ll never understand how grateful I am. Ultimately my mom came home on Hospice. I remember how hard and unthinkable that conversation was but Dan helped us get started, told us all about it and left us to make a decision as a family. Mom just wanted to be home and comfortable. I thank you. Clair helped with all the red tape paperwork to make all of it happen. All the nurses and visitors help with everyday tasks that I couldn’t have done without you all. It made me peaceful knowing she was home where she wanted to be, it allowed me to continue working so gave me less stress at this point in our journey. Seth came the night mom came home and gave us all the tools we needed to proceed. He was wonderful, made us feel confident and only a call away. That was a gift beyond explanation. All of the pamphlets that VNH has area a great resource they made the transition to home easier it allowed me to know what could come and about when to expect it. The day my mom came home she got into her position in front of the window as she requested and she said she saw ab older man with glasses waving at her. But as my sister and I looked out to see this man he wasn’t really there because we had the info in the pamphlets beforehand it made it easier for us to agree with her and talk to her about the person. VNH Hospice is an amazing, amazing opportunity for families to have the option of using. I thank you. I’ll never be able to thank you all enough. I also want to mention all the aftercare we receive is just what we need. I look forward to the check in letters, phone calls, and we have even used the group sessions a few time. Having the aftercare allows us to know we are not in the wrong grieving part of I should say that there isn’t a certain place to be.

We would like to express their sincere gratitude and thanks to VNH—we could not have gotten Rosemarie onto her next journey without the support and love from the entire team.