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Develop meaningful, personal connections with your patients. Work independently, with the support of a well-connected care team. Earn up to $80,000 per year as an experienced RN while working in an in-demand field that offers exciting, long-term career growth. Discover a rewarding career in home-based health care and hospice.

Join an in-demand field.

More than 12 million people1 receive care from home every year. They are served by nurses, personal care assistants and therapists who work on the front lines of medicine, outside of a hospital setting. Demand is high for home health care roles: careers in registered nursing2 are projected to grow 7% through 2029 and home health and personal care aides3 will grow 34% through the same year, much faster than other occupations.

Home health and hospice care is a challenging, exciting growth opportunity for ambitious health care professionals. Opportunities span early-stage roles to leadership, in and out of field. Put the skills you learned in nursing school to the test in one-on-one settings with your patients.

Enjoy independence and flexibility.

Careers in home health and hospice care offer flexible scheduling and autonomy. Rather than caring for dozens of patients in a 12-hour shift as you would in a hospital, you’ll visit patients individually in their own homes. Working independently, you’ll use your intellectual and creative resources to chart the way forward for each of your patients, making decisions on how to provide the best care possible. At the same time, you’ll find yourself within an incredibly supportive environment, working as part of a collaborative team.

Find less stress and more personal care.

Busy hospitals or private practices can be stressful places. Yet, in home-based health care and hospice, you’ll care for patients in a place where they feel most at ease and comfortable. Being outside of a medical setting can alleviate some of the stress that you’d find in a traditional health care environment, allowing you to focus on forming bonds and making a life-changing impact on your patients.

Develop meaningful relationships.

You’ll forge real connections with patients while working one-on-one in their homes. You’ll support their healing and honor their choices, working to help each patient have the best possible quality of life. Working in home-based health care and hospice leaves many feeling deeply rewarded by the day-to-day personal interactions with patients who are counting on you for empathy and care.

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