Grief and Loss Support Groups

Are you grieving the loss of a family member, a friend, or a loved one? We invite you to join our Grief Support Group. Meet with others who have suffered loss, explore your individual grieving processes, and gain knowledge and insight on useful coping skills to help begin to heal.

Find comfort and support in a caring and understanding atmosphere.

Hartland Public Library

153 Route 5
Hartland, Vermont 05048
Please call (888) 300-8853 ext. 710 for schedule details and to register for the group.

Charlestown Senior Center

223 Old Springfield Road
Charlestown NH, 03603
Every Thursday 3:30-5:00 pm

To register for a group, call the Visiting Nurse & Hospice of VT & NH at (888) 300-8853 ext. 710 or email

What does a Spiritual Care Counselor do?

The role of your Spiritual Care Counselor is to support you emotionally and spiritually. A Spiritual Care Counselor considers your religious and spiritual background to determine how best to help you and your family. They are a wonderful source of support for family members, friends, and caregivers who are facing or have experienced a loss. Bereavement support in conjunction with VNH Hospice begins at admission and will continue on for a year following a loved one’s death.