As a member of the VNH Health System of Northern New England (VNAHSNNE), VNH has access to a cutting-edge, innovative Nurse Residency program designed specifically for home health registered nurses. There are only a handful of Home Health Residency programs in the country (2% of organizations), only one other in New England (Rhode Island), and no others in Vermont or New Hampshire that focus on care of adults.

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At 76 years old, Barbara is a four-time cancer survivor. She and her husband Terry were both born and raised in New Hampshire, have been married for 57 years, and have two grown sons. “I didn’t think I had the coronavirus, I thought that my symptoms were from the chemo treatments.”

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Last fall, VNH was approached by Rivier University and asked to participate in an exciting pilot program that they were planning to offer their third-year nursing students. This new Community Nursing Initiative would focus on community-based learning instead of solely hospital-based care delivery. “We jumped at the chance to be involved,” said Barbara Quealy, Director of Home Health Services.


At 56 years old, Darrell Lavoie is sharp as a whip, with a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. He lives in Windsor, VT with his cat, Vanna. Darrell has had a 20-year struggle with diabetes, eventually losing his lower limbs, much of his vision, and some other muscle control, but he is determined not to lose his independence.



Jeanne McLaughlin, RN, MBA, MSN, MSEd will retire from the position of President and CEO of Visiting Nurse and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire (VNH) in the spring of 2018 after more than 10 years of service and leadership.




VNH is very proud to be celebrating its 110th year in service to the 160+ communities we serve. It is a privilege to care for individuals and families; supporting them in their place of residence. We are also proud to announce that our very own Drs. Cristine Maloney and Dan Caloras were awarded their Hospice Medical Certification (HMDC) this summer, reaffirming their commitment to hospice expertise and the exceptional level of care that our clients expect of VNH.


VNH is working towards achieving the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) five-star rating. By reviewing our work and constantly looking at ways to improve the services we provide to over 160 communities, we remain committed to ensuring that our clients always come home to excellent care–now and in the future.

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