The VNH Difference

  • As a non-profit, our one goal is to help people. At VNH, we know health happens at home. We’re deeply passionate about caring for people, so much so that we’re continually redesigning home-based care, bringing innovation and creativity from our door to our neighbors. Discover what makes VNH truly different.

    Our team-oriented structure supports collaboration.

    Our vision is to provide the highest quality care where patients want to be—at home. Achieving this takes a combination of individual autonomy and a highly integrated team. At VNH, you’ll work one-on-one with patients where they live. Yet, each clinician, caregiver or staff member is a trusted member of a supportive, well-connected team. At VNH, your input matters and, together, we are reimagining home health and hospice care in rural settings.

    Our values reflect the beliefs and principles that drive VNH:

    • People/Teamwork
    • Respect/Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Dedication
    • Excellent/Accountability

    Our leadership team is committed to a vision of finding new and innovative ways to deliver the best patient experience possible.

    Better patient care starts with training and preparing our staff.

    Video Based Training: Our clinical education team developed a video-based case study, debrief and assessment model to build skill and competency in home-based care. It allows us to reach field clinicians from the convenience of their homes while accomplishing the same level of learning as an in-person class.

    Clinical Nurse Leader: VNH has introduced the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) to our team and community. A CNL is a master’s-prepared nurse with a certification obtained through the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. CNL’s are educated in care coordination, patient outcomes, transitions of care, communication, team leadership, and quality management.

    Nurses developing nurses: We’re bringing nurse residency to home health care.

    As a member of the VNA Health System of Northern New England (VNAHSNNE), VNH has access to a cutting-edge, Nurse Residency program designed specifically for home health registered nurses. This is one of only a small handful of Home Health Residency programs in the country and the only program of its kind in Vermont or New Hampshire that focuses on the care of adults.

    The Nurse Residency Program is a year-long transition to practice program that supports the professional development of new graduate nurses entering home health practice. As a participant, you’ll receive hands-on training through clinical simulation, one-to-one skill training, case studies, and precepted time in the home. The comprehensive program provides you with the resources, skills and tools to become a confident, professional nurse.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality care where patients want to be—at home.

Transform Lives, Including Your Own

Robin Keith, RN Hospice

Kayla Thompson, LPN Home Health