Lights Out

Data from the employee engagement and pulse survey showed that many of us are unable to disconnect from work. This past year the LEAD (Leadership, Education, and Development) team members were tasked with ways to help employees feel empowered to turn the “lights out”. For a little background, the LEAD program brings VNH team leaders together to work on enhancing leadership concepts and skills, as well as encouraging collaboration around initiatives that improve the work environment and move the agency forward.

What does this mean for you?

Managers and Senior Leaders promise to:

  • Not send work communication between 5 pm & 7:30 am

What staff needs to do:

  • Turn off phones/computers after work shift is done and when away on vacation/approved leave
  • Add vacation message to email when away and turn on Do Not Disturb for Tiger Text
  • Transfer your work to someone else before leaving so that you are not taking calls/reading emails during your time away
  • Make sure  your Voicemail on your phone is set up with instructions to call the main office and not a personal number

If you have any questions about Lights Out, please reach out to one of the LEAD participants David Edson, Amanda Fay, Sharon Giguere, Nicole Levingston, John Mitchell-Beam, Stephanie Mozzer, Julie Savo, and Jean Wulpern.

New Additions to the Drop Sites

Over the last few months, some of you may have noticed changes at the drop sites. Thanks to donations from local businesses we have been able to purchase snacks to have at the drop sites. There has also been the addition of new microwaves and refrigerators. We hope that these help you during your day to recharge and refuel!