MCH Admission Booklet

The MCH team has been instrumental in creating the MCH admission booklet. The numerous papers which were often misplaced or thrown in the trash have been replaced with a handy book with many resources for families. The MCH staff have found that families are keeping, referencing, and utilizing this booklet following admission.

Mental Health

Depression rates were high throughout our territory prior to COVID-19 and have since risen. The Strong Families Vermont program has focused on improving screening, referrals, and follow up for participants. The MCH nurses collaborated with community organizations to create a Mental Health flyer with resources. These flyers will be given to patients and distributed in the community.

Getting to know new leaders

It is often hard to feel like you know the new leaders, especially with so many people being in and out of the office at different times. Megan Hawthorne and her team came up with a solution They have begun to invite them for meet and greets at our team WEBEX meetings.  Recently, they met with Ericka Bergeron, Jess Cheney and Steph Mozzer. Their goal is to next invite HR, Patty and Alysia, as well as Hilary and Sara and their CNL.

You asked for it and now we’ve got it!

  • A few months ago the home health nursing team verbalized their frustration with the lab specimen process and confusion around how to delivery lab orders as some are paper, some are electronic. The Lab Specimen Work Group (Jess Allen, Jean Wulpern, Ericka Bergeron, Nicole Levingston, Jenna Parsons and Sarah Little) came together to list out all of the lab drop off locations, created badge buddies with phone numbers of those locations, created a job aid with reminders on the order of lab draw, “final checks” and more, and facilitated labels to be sent to the drop sites. The job aid can be found here FINAL Job Aid – Lab Specimen
  • In order to give staff easier access to supplies a system of  suture kits and foley trays have been placed at the drop sites at the drop sites.