Nadine Nelson

Nadine would like to say “Hi” all or as they would say in South Africa, Sawubona! Nadine is our very new Clinical Manager for the southern region of VT/NH. She is excited to join this team and join in the vision of VNH.  She oversees a multidisciplinary team consisting of PT, OT, TA, SW, SLP, and nursing services. The goal as a team is to create positive outcomes for our patients prior to discharge. Another aspect of her position is working with a wonderful crew of Clinical Nurse Leaders. More operational aspects of her position include creating schedules, performance management, payroll, clinical practice questions, safety and prevention, patient feedback, and addressing any questions and concerns.

You have been here about eight weeks now, what is your favorite part about the job?

My favorite part about this job so far has been the capacity to shadow the staff in the field and witness the exceptional care they give to their patients. I think I shadowed roughly 13 people! It’s kept me busy however it has given me a great grounding into home health.

What is something good about VNH or the role that has surprised you?

I sent an e-mail to someone who works here today. This is what I wrote, “I am soooooo happy I joined this team at VNH!  I am blown away by the transparency, collaboration, and how much the team truly cares about and for each other”. I joined a great leadership team! The clinicians work hard to give the best quality care and are open with each other about how to navigate tough complex patients. Transparency is exceptionally important in an organization and VNH seems to have hit the home run with this.

What is something you didn’t expect in this role, but you have enjoyed?

I moved here to Vermont from South Africa 27 years ago as an 18-year-old freshly out of high school. It was a culture and climate shock. It is tough moving to a region whereby families are really tight with each other and it’s difficult to break into social circles. Doing my job shadows and being in people’s homes from different backgrounds and learning more about the culture, it’s giving me an understanding of the New England way of life. I am truly enjoying getting to know about how people live here finally after 27 years!

What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

When Nadine was younger she wanted to be a violinist in an orchestra. She played violin for many years and played in youth orchestras growing up. Things changed when she moved to the states as a late teenager but she is still very passionate about music.