Meet our Management Team, Jason, Dave, Sharon, Nicole, John, Nadine, Briana, and Jean!

Jason Dessureault

Jason is our Controller. He manages general accounting, accounts payable, payroll functions and coordinates the duties of accounting staff to assure the fiscal accountability and integrity of fiscal systems. Jason also, works with program and administrative staff to provide necessary management and fiscal data.

Dave Edson

Dave’s position as a Clinical Manager can be simply summed up  – make sure all team members are taken care of and have what they need to provide the best care to our patients. How that gets accomplished is anything but simple! There is not a department in the agency that he doesn’t interact with in some way each day. He says that it is a lot to juggle but it’s never boring! When he was younger he thought he would have taken a very different path as a mechanical engineer. Luckily for VNH, a couple injuries introduced him to physical therapy he was hooked!

Sharon Giguere

As Manager, Community Relations and Marketing Sharon is responsible for structuring, implementing and monitoring a highly effective community relations, fundraising, and marketing program. She does this by working closely with the Director, External Relations and Service Excellence, and leading the marketing, communication, and fundraising initiatives to promote VNH services. She oversees the Donor Engagement Officer and Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator who help to make the department what it is! Although her job deals a lot with communicating with people, she is actually an introverted person. She enjoys spending time at home cooking, knitting or watching a good tv show or movie. She is a huge Marvel’s fan.

Nicole Levingston

As the Patient Access Manager, Nicole’s role is to act as the go between for Clinical Leadership and our referral sources. She helps to ensure that accurate patient information is obtained and reviewed for appropriateness. She also works closely with community partners on what services can be provided to those in need. When she is not at work she loves baking and strives to improve her cake decorating skills each time.

John Mitchell-Beam

When John was young he wanted to be a chef. He even enrolled into a culinary arts program for 2 years while in high school and worked in a kitchen for a short time after graduating. Thankfully for VNH, he realized that he is a people person at heart and is better suited to work that allows him to have contact with customers. Now, he gets to work with many people as Manager for Long Term Care Services. This encompasses the Long Term Care and Help at Home programs. Both of these programs provide in home personal care, homemaking and respite services throughout the upper valley.

Nadine Nelson

Nadine would like to say “Hi” all or as they would say in South Africa, Sawubona! Nadine is our very new Clinical Manager for the southern region of VT/NH.  She only has a few weeks of orientation under my belt.  She is excited to join this team and join in the vision for VNH.  She oversees a multidisciplinary team consisting of PT, OT, TA, SW, SLP and nursing services.  The goal as a team is to create positive outcomes for our patients prior to discharge.  Another aspect of her position is working with a wonderful crew of Clinical Nurse Leaders.  More operational aspects of her position include creating schedules, performance management, payroll, clinical practice questions, safety and prevention, patient feedback and addressing any questions and concerns. When Nadine was younger she wanted to be a violinist in an orchestra. She played violin for many years and played in youth orchestras growing up. Things changed when she moved to the states as a late teenager but she is still very passionate about music.

Briana White

Jean Wulpern

Briana leads care excellence as Manager of Clinical Quality and Care Management. She improves systems of care to better serve individual patients through review, population health management, and catalyzing the support of her team. This quality team consists of two home health Clinical Nurse Leaders, one Hospice Clinical Nurse Leader, and two Triage / Care Coordinator Nurses. Briana is also accountable for evaluating care delivery benchmarks and operations such as telehealth and more. In addition she monitors and adjusts program design to achieve high level goals to improve quality outcomes and resource utilization. If that were not enough to keep her busy, she is pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She spends her free time with her husband who was her high school sweetheart and his mom was her lunch monitor. Secretly she wishes to write a novel someday.

Jean is the Clinical Manager for the Bradford, Lebanon and Windsor clusters.  She addresses clinical practice questions for nursing or therapy, safety concerns related to Staff and Patients and Patient Feedback/Concerns and good catches. As well as other routine duties. Helping those in need is also important in Jean’s personal life. She was not only one of the first 2 female volunteers to join her local Fire Dept.  But she also met my husband when they both volunteered for a local Ambulance Corp in the early 80’s.