Meet our Referrals Team, Nicole, Audrey, Jenna, Grace, Jayne, and Cindy! They all play an important role in the delivery of patient care. You may see their faces every day, either in the office or through your computer screen, but did you know…

Nicole Levingston

When Nicole isn’t at work, she loves spending time with her chaotic, but loving, children and boyfriend. She loves baking goodies but her favorite thing is spending time outside either gardening, hiking, or kayaking! When she is at work, Nicole enjoys the supportive atmosphere from not only her amazing team, but from other departments as well. This lets her know there is never a problem she has to face alone.

Audrey Luce

A fun fact about Audrey that you may not know is she loves her pets! She has two dogs and one cat. All three of them help her to let go of work and relax at the end of the day. When she is at work, Audrey loves talking with and assisting patients. She loves being able to work with them and help them get whatever needs they have met.

Jenna McWilliam

A fun fact about Jenna that many of us may, or may not, know is that she is a true-crime junkie! This inspired her to pursue her degree in forensic psychology. At VNH, Jenna enjoys being able to see how all the “pieces” come together to accommodate complex patients in need of our care. Communicating with referral sources and other departments allows her and her team to problem-solve and think outside the box to find a solution to even the most complicated referrals and assist these patients in a successful transition home.

Grace Melanson

Since her move last year, Grace has been hiking and enjoying everything the twin states has to offer. Her go-to pastimes are playing video games, reading a book, or cooking/baking. At work, Grace enjoys the amazing people that she works with! The teamwork that is established within the group is something she is very proud of. She is glad to be a part of the team!

Jayne Thedford

Jayne’s favorite part about her job is knowing we help patients in their own homes. She is a firm believer that we’re most comfortable at home, surrounded by the people who are important to us. Being cared for at home allows patients to relax and recover in their own surroundings. Being a part of this care is very rewarding to Jayne. Aside from work, a fun fact you might not know about her is that she has always been “daddy’s little girl” and her dad’s favorite daughter. She remembers one of her dad’s friends being very offended about him playing favorites. However, Jayne is the only daughter – still his favorite though!

Cindy Raty

One of Cindy’s favorite hobbies is doing jigsaw puzzles. She also loves to have a girl’s movie night with her adopted sister. To Cindy, the best part about working at VNH is all of the awesome people that she gets to work with!