What is the Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program?

Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program supports healthy decision making and effective parenting throughout the joys and challenges of being a parent. This program supports the foundation of a health family through:

  • A free, reliable nurse available to visit you regularly during pregnancy, after birth, and can continue through your child’s second birthday.
  • A voluntary, structured program to support your parenting journey.

Nursing visits will take place at your home or another place where you are comfortable.

Strong Families Vermont

What does the Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program include?

You will be connected with a nurse who will provide the following services:

  • Guidance and answers to questions specific to your family and your needs.
  • Information to help you learn about health topics that include:
    • Pregnancy and your wellbeing
    • Birthing choices
    • Feeding and caring for your baby
    • Ways to encourage your baby’s development
    • Communication with your child
  • Confidence building and decision-making skills that support your goals.

Connections with other community services to support your goals.

Is the Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program the right fit for you?

  • Are you pregnant?
  • Was your newborn discharged from the hospital less than 6 weeks ago?

How do you sign up?

Call your local Children’s Integrated Services Coordinator or your local Home Health Agency to learn more and get connected to Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program.

For more information, please call VNH Referral Services at 800-575-5162.

Have any questions?

    Delivered in partnership with Children’s Integrated Services, Vermont Department of Health Division of Maternal and Child Health, and your local community.