I want to share my story about an experience that my husband Kevin and I had with Visiting Nurse and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire (VNH) recently. What we had planned as a relaxing four-day holiday at our vacation home in Vermont turned into an extended stay that was stressful and scary.

On May 22, Kevin became ill and was hospitalized with a serious bacterial blood infection. Upon release from the hospital, they set him up to receive services from VNH to continue his treatment of IV antibiotic infusions at home.

On June 3, the day of his discharge, we immediately received a call from his assigned VNH nurse, Gillian. She introduced herself, set up a time to come to our home, and asked if we would be okay if she brought along Emma, a new nurse to VNH.

The next morning, Gillian and Emma arrived on time and immediately put us at ease. They explained everything to us, examined my husband and provided him with his infusion. They guided me through the process step by step, assuring me I could give him the infusion myself once I was comfortable.

Over the next few days, Gillian instructed me on how to give the infusion, carefully guiding me through the process. She cheered me on as I attempted the infusion, providing me with the confidence I needed, assuring me I could do it on my own. Both Gillian and Emma provided my husband with excellent nursing skills, were friendly, and conveyed a sense of calm and warmth.

During the next few visits, my husband received outstanding care with blood draws, infusion, picc line bandage changes, and more. On June 12, the last visit, Gillian and Emma removed the picc line with the utmost care and explained each step of the process, easing our fears.

We are so grateful for the excellent care we received from both Gillian and Emma. It was a pleasure having them in our home during such a tough time while we were away from family and friends.