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Saryn Lauzon completed training and passed the test to become a Certified Lactation Consultant, CLC.”

– Stephanie Mozzer

“Congratulations to Stephanie Mozzer for receiving her Master of Nursing, Leadership and Management.”

Pam Kmiec will be featured with a client in a video being produced for a United Way grant. Pam has provided years of excellent and dedicated service to the client and made it possible for him to remain living independently at home, where he is happiest.”

– Megan Hawthorne

Pam Kmiec will be featured with a client in a video being produced for a United Way grant. Pam has provided years of excellent and dedicated service to the client and made it possible for him to remain living independently at home, where he is happiest.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“Congrats to Kelly Gage for completing the nurse residency program.”

“I would like take the opportunity to recognize Jess Cheney, her steady, fair, and approachable leadership style shines. Her unwavering support and dedication to the Hospice team and the organization is evident. She inspires confidence and role models integrity, transparency, and accountability. She is one of the reasons VNH is a great place to work.”

– Kristi Cooper

Meredith Carrien has worked and really stepped up when needed. She has spent weeks and months going up into the North territory when needed. She goes to all the areas in the South, travels a lot on some days. She picks up patients when needed and at this time is also orienting a new LPN.”

– Traci Smith

“I love working with Cindi Roth. She is a wonderful colleague and educator. She treats every learner like the individual they are and gets to the root of how they think. She’ll go over something one billion times to help someone get a concept.”

– Amanda Fay

Ramona Emery, PCA, has assisted the team twice during June by providing services to clients while the primary PCA was on leave.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“Thank you Karen Pero for serving as a preceptor for the Castleton University student.”

– Stephanie Mozzer

“I am happy for the opportunity to recognize Will and Ben. Our IS specialists are amazing. They respond to every help request promptly and with professionalism. I have poor technology skills and they work through any issues I send with patience, kindness, and humor. I am so grateful for their knowledge and their general stress-free assistance with technology issues that arise. Thank you, Will and Ben, for all your help.”

– Heidi Smith

“I would like to recognize Shawna Lynch. Shawna recently began her transition into the LTC Program Coordinator position. Shawna has been able to successfully join the team with ease and also has the ‘can do’ spirit. Shawna does not shy away from a challenge, and she is not afraid of learning new things. The Program Coordinator positions have many moving parts and Shawna is successfully navigating those challenges at a rapid pace. Shawna is a welcomed addition to the LTC team and we are so proud of how well she is doing.”

– John Mitchell-Beam

Robin Buck continues to provide excellent service to her clients. This month Robin was willing to work with a difficult situation and challenging behaviors. Robin showed professionalism and patience while in the midst of complex dynamics.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“I want to do a GREAT BIG SHOUTOUT and THANK YOU to Will Jenkins and Ben Beidler from tech support. These two gentlemen have helped me numerous times to get through some pretty technical questions and situations, always done so while being extremely polite and patient. I have never been made to feel as though it was an inconvenience or interruption of their day. KUDOS to you both, I am so grateful for your kindness and understanding. I believe there are many others that feel the same as I do!!”

– Nancy Martel

Lorene Gendron, LTC CM continues to provide excellent services to several clients with acute mental health needs in addition to chronic medical issues. Hats off to Lorene for continuing to remain positive and supportive in the most challenging of circumstances.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“I would like to recognize and give major kudos to Anne Fecto! She is a go to person for many clinicians and co-workers because of her extreme knowledge of many functions within the agency, which is amazing and quite admirable! She is an awesome teacher, always willing to learn more and very dedicated and loyal to the agency! Thank you Anne!”

– Diane Root

Bethany Yaeger, from the HAH program, has been a tremendous support to the LTC program when we suddenly had a position vacancy. Bethany immediately jumped in with a ‘can do’ spirit to support the LTC team despite her minimal exposure to the program prior to doing so. Bethany was able to manage the LTC PCA schedule, field calls from clients, and assist with trouble shooting when we were presented with challenging situations. Bethany has also been a mentor to Shawna Lynch the new LTC Program Coordinator. Bethany has been able to assist with guiding Shawna as she transitions into her new role within the LTC team. A huge thank you to Bethany for all that she has done to assist with supporting the LTC and HAH programs simultaneously!”

– John Mitchell-Beam

Gifts were made in honor of the following employees for the outstanding care they provided to a recent patient.

Noel Bactad, PT

Stephanie Hooks, RN

Lynn Fortin, RN