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Gerry Best is a wealth of institutional, billing and payor knowledge. His expertise and management of the Revenue Cycle department are invaluable. I am continually grateful to have his support and assistance as we have navigated multiple complex projects together. The behind the scenes heavy lifting he does, does not go unnoticed! He is an exceptional leader who inspires many.”

– Kristi Cooper

“I would like to take the opportunity to recognize Bethany Yaeger, coordinator extraordinaire and master juggler. She is always positive and encouraging.”

– Angeline Marcotte

“Kudos to Nancy Martel for providing such great care. One of your patients constantly sings your praises and she is grateful to have your help.”

– Michelle Gristweiner

“I would like to thank Patty Rooney for her unwavering commitment to VNH and employee retention. Her enthusiasm and optimism are contagious even during these trying times. I appreciate all she does to help whoever comes to her!”

– Sharon Giguere

Jason Dessureault’s consistent and steady leadership in finance, supplies and facilities is unparalleled. He skillfully juggles multiple competing priorities and is always willing to support those who need it. Jason is accessible, approachable, and manages challenging situations with professionalism and diplomacy.”

– Kristi Cooper

Gifts were made in honor of the following employees for the outstanding care they provided to a recent patient.