Home Health Care

Medical excellence with true compassion in the place you call home: that’s the core promise of VNH, and it’s what our nurses deliver to your door with every visit. Under physicians’ directions and supervised by a nursing case manager, our nursing staff visits patients in their homes to assess physical condition and provide appropriate treatments and teaching.

Services provided may include cardiopulmonary assessment, medication teaching, preventative care instruction, wound care and intravenous therapy.

“We have the ability to help people be at home and be with their family by providing the care they need, as not only a nurse but a guest in their homes. It helps them feel better, and it makes me feel better, too.”
—Jess Allen, RN

Nursing Care

Skilled nursing is provided to assess patient needs, manage patients’ treatment plans and the delivery of comprehensive services, and coordinate care with physicians.  As more post-surgical acute care and recovery is conducted after you leave the hospital, you can trust in the expert care of VNH skilled nurses so that you heal effectively and comfortably at home.


Regaining independence after surgery, stroke, injury, or illness is important.  VNH physical, occupational, and speech therapists give patients and caregivers the skills and support to recover.  Check here for more information on VNH Rehab Therapy.

Personal Care

Working under the direction of VNH nurses, Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) help those in our care with basic health needs such as taking vital signs and obtaining specimens, as well as activities of daily living including moving from bed, dressing, eating, and bathing.

Medical Social Work

In addition to medical care, counseling and coordination of community services are provided to families and individuals as needed to help them cope with problems associated with illness or the care of a loved one.