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As a member of Dartmouth Health, we are uniquely positioned to have an incredible impact on the communities we serve.  Throughout the pandemic, VNH has continued to provide home health nursing, rehabilitation, hospice, maternal-child, and long-term case management and support services to the region.

As a financially independent non-profit, we still need your help to continue our commitment to providing the highest quality care at the lowest cost setting to our family, friends, and neighbors in over 140 Vermont and New Hampshire towns, at all stages of life.

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Innovation Partners

July 2022 through June 2023

  • Dorothy M. Byrne/The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.
  • Dr. and Mrs. John H. Lyons, Jr
  • Couch Family Foundation

“VNH remains committed to our core mission of bringing care home. We are also working hard to meet the changing needs of our workforce and the communities we serve. Unfortunately many of the innovations needed like telehealth, nurse residency program and more are not reimbursed through traditional payments. It is more important than ever for VNH to have strong financial support to bring these programs to the many who would benefit.”

Johanna L. Beliveau, DNP, MBA, RN
Chief Executive Officer and President of VNH

Delivering generations of care

VNH, in partnership with Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program, helps support healthy decision-making and effective parenting from pregnancy until the child celebrates their second birthday.

Home care, even while on vacation

While vacationing in Vermont, Laura and her husband Kevin received home-based care from VNH Nurses, helping Kevin recover from a serious infection.

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Donate today to make an impact in our community health!

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You can make a gift through our online form.